We may be the pros at selling homes- but we are always great at maintaining them!!Check out the steps that we use to remove that tough layer of hard water/salt spray that can accumulate on windows when living on the coast!! This is from a home that is on the sound side, not ocean front - but it would work perfectly for those as well( just do a bit more frequently).


Steps :

1: Get your roll of paper towels, windex, and a paint scrapper 

link to the scrapper I used: https://www.lowes.com/pd/Warner-Warner-4-Inch-Window-Scraper/5001940973


2. Clean your window with paper towels and windex, this removes dirt/items that can get stuck on the blade. You will avoid scrapping your window!! DO NOT SKIP THIS

3 spray the window down again, make sure it’s covered in the windex.

Now start on a top corner and go down, even motions top to bottom. Clean off the blade in between with a paper towel, do strokes that ensure nothing is missed!!


before you do it the window may look like this … in the summer time 

It will look like this after!!!

Normal maintanence will help prevent the amount of residue that sticks to windows, but you will undoubtedly end up with residue that remains. This simple process keeps those windows crystal clear❤️


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