Summer is hot ,and so is the  Real Estate Market! Summer is a great time to sell, and with tourists coming in, and kids out of school soon, there will be a lot of home buyers looking to buy! What great features of your home can get the attention of Buyers? Do you have a great yard? An incredible porch that screams RELAXATION!!? Do you have a great BBQ area? Focus on those areas and show them off! Highlight outdoor living space that will be great for entertaining! Stage the porch or back yard, so that people can see all of the great potential and extra living space.The Realtor can also feature these in pictures, when listing.

Keep the home cool.Make sure that the air conditioning is on, and performing efficiently, during showings.

If you do not have central air, consider installing window units or at the very least, have floor fans throughout the home. Keep lights off and blinds drawn during hotter periods.

Stage the home to reflect summer. This means eliminating seasonal decor. No Christmas or holidays past decorations. This will also show in the pictures, possibly making buyers think that it has been on the market for a while, and causing lower offers. Make sure to also eliminate heavy scents like cinnamon and  warmer scents throughout the home, and opt for lighter, clean , fresh scents.Remove excess pillows and throw blankets that would give a heavy, dark, wintry look to the house.

Don't leave garbage inside or outside that tends to stink more , the hotter the weather gets.

Price the home correctly, when first listing. You may be wanting to "test the market", and list higher than a Realtor recommends, but the longer it sits without offers, the better the chances, that when an offer comes in, it will be low, because buyers will think that something is wrong with it, because it hasn't sold fast.

Hire a FULL TIME Realtor that knows the area, and will be someone that  is an Agent people coming in from out of town will contact to show them properties.  The professional and experienced Agents will also  make sure that the buyers  are prepared and qualified to purchase, not just looky-loos who want to go see homes out of curiosity, only causing aggravation, because they are unable to purchase.

These are a few helpful hints. Contact Realist Homes if you are ready or thinking about listing your home. We can help answer any questions that you may have and get your house SOLD!