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"It’s tempting to choose the real estate agent who recommends the highest list price for your home. It’s best to talk to an agent and honestly seek to understand their analysis of the market for your property. While it’s true that home prices rose in 2017, values vary from one property to another, based on their particular condition. Homeowners sometimes overestimate the value of their property in relation to neighboring homes, but agents have real-time data at their fingertips that can help you determine an appropriate listing price".- Jon Coile
REALIST HOMES does the research and training to ensure that your property, whether buying or selling, is listed appropriately, and will pull comps and show you what the current price is for the property. Although it is tempting to want to list a price higher, our Agents will explain the pros and cons to listing, and putting in offers , that will benefit you as a valued client. No one wants to see a house overly priced and on the market too long, unless it is a buyer looking to buy the property at a discounted price. Get an educated, and qualified Agent to list your property or it could end up costing you! Let us help you make informed decisions when BUYING or SELLING.
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Dec. 31, 2020

Happy New Year

After a year that has been quite eventful and many faced challenges out of there control, we look forward to a wonderful 2021!!

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Dec. 28, 2018

New Year Resolutions


Where did 2018 go? We wanted to do so many things that we didn't get around to. Luckily, we did get many sunny days, d on the beaches.We are so luck to have an extended summer that starts earlier, and ends later, with incredible weather. We did get to check out some awesome Farmers Markets, and we enjoyed quite a few LIVE MUSIC events. Were you one of the lucky ones that got to enjoy our beaches this year? Were you planning a vacation, and just didn't "get around to it", but planning next year? Are you thinking of MOVING here? It's a GREAT place to relocate(or retire). If you are thinking of visiting here,check out why this is a great place to visit. We LOVE it here! Let us know if we can help you make the move here! Happy 2019! Hope to catch you enjoying all that there is to do!

Dec. 17, 2018

Winterizing your home

 Living in Coastal NC area, there are many vacation homes here, and the weather does get cold enough that you may want to look into having your home winterized, if not in regular use.  If you haven't used that fireplace in a while, it is also a good idea to get it checked out. Using lots of extension cords for the decorations? Check out some of these WINTER SAFETY TIPS. Not sure who to contact to help with these things done? Realist Homes would love to help. Give us a call. We can help point you in the right direction. As always, keep us in mind if you are looking to BUY, SELL, or INVEST in Real Estate. We LOVE what we do!

Dec. 11, 2018

Thinking about a puppy or kitten?

A new pet is on many people's wish list during the holidays. Who doesn't want to see the joy on someone's face when they get those puppy kisses and kitten snuggles? Before you do, make sure that you are in it for the long haul. The holidays are a busy time of year, and it is important to have time for everything that a new pet brings(training, getting a routine, and learning who is family and who is a visitor) So many pets are waiting for their perfect home, but take the time to know if that pet is right for you and your family. Consider an older pet. Consider adopting from a shelter or rescue. Make sure that you know the temperament and size of the breed you choose, and whether they get along with your children and other pets. A great idea is to visit a local shelter. This time of year is also a great time to clear your closets and shelves of any blankets and towels that you want to dispose of, and donate them to animal shelters, where they are always needed. Many of the shelters and rescues are in dire need of these items, and appreciate the things that you may be looking to get rid of. Remember to take the time and see if it is a right fit for you- and once you decide, enjoy every snuggle and smooch from the fur baby! Happy cuddling!

Dec. 4, 2018

De-Stressing during the Holidays

The Holidays are here, whether we like them or not. Sometimes it is  filled with friends, family , and get_togethers, and sometimes it is filled with anxiety and stress. This is a hurried time of year, and that can add to the stress. Everyone is in a hurry to shop, and try to fit everything in to their schedules. Traffic increases and time decreases. If you add into it the gift buying pressures, and baking, cooking, traveling, this can stir up anxiousness. Make sure to take time for yourself. Here are a few ideas to help you find joy during this(or any) time of year. Take a "time out", go for a walk, read a book, take a bubble bath, or treat yourself to something small that brightens up your day! Remember-we all have the same 24 hours in a day. Sticking to a schedule can help. Know that if you are stressed, there are others feeling that way too! So, during that rush hour traffic, or while waiting in line, try to remember that there are people dealing with their own issues(loss of a loved one, loss of jobs, divorce,empty- nesters, and not able to be with family). Check on distant loved ones, and neighbors who may be alone. Sometimes the best gift that you can give is something simple like an invite, or a dish of food, or even a hug or lending an ear. THIS is what the season should be about. Spread the CHEER!

Dec. 1, 2018

Holiday Happenings

 Happy Holidays!

We are so excited to see all of the local events happening this month!

We keep hearing of "secret" neighborhoods that have magical lighting that goes over the top(Think Clark Griswald), and hay rides on farms with lights, pictures with Santa, and cookies and warm cider or cocoa. There are flotillas to attend. So exciting!

 There are tree lighting ceremonies, and even a new ice skating rink in Mayfaire (read about it here>)

 . What are you most looking forward to?

What puts you in the holiday spirit? Is it baking, or visiting someone who does the baking?Writing Santa a note and putting out cookies and milk?(Santa always requested wine and a cheese plate at our house) If these sound familiar, check out these awesome cookie recipes(Santa might trade in his very specific brand of zinfandel for some of these and a big cold cup of milk!)

This area is known for being pet friendly, and our fur babies love getting in on the fun, here are a few things to check out while you snuggle with your pooch or kitty

If you are thinking about moving here, or know someone who may be, please send them our way. We would love to help them find a home in this area. Our TEAM at Realist Homes wishes you and your family a HAPPY and SAFE Holiday!


Nov. 21, 2018

Last Minute Thanksgiving Prep!

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Oct. 31, 2018

Happy Halloween


Wishing you lots of TREATS today! Check out some of the SWEET deals that we have going on!! Remember, for all of your Real Estate Needs, we are here to help!

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June 14, 2018

Father's Day


What time did the man go to the dentist? Tooth hurt-y. Yep! That's the kind of jokes that i have to hear from my dad. That may be why we make reservations for Mother's Day, and we make side dishes for Father's  Day(so we don't have to hear the bad jokes in public).
We so easily plan a cookout, and everyone contributes something. We fight over which person makes Dad's favorite dishes...and he probably tells each one of us that it was his favorite.  He casually mentions how he cut the grass, or planted a new tree or bush, fishing for compliments. He takes over the grill, and dishes out advice, alongside the steaks,and seasons it with dated music, but he is is happiest just having a part of you there. So what is the one dish that you would make that would be praise-worthy for this special day? Is it spicy or sweet? Is it a family recipe or a new dish? Did you enter our Father's Day giveaway? Simply like, comment and SHARE our Realist Homes Facebook page to enter for a chance to win a gourmet gift. Have a happy Father's Day!
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May 25, 2018

What Memorial Day Means


Memorial Day is celebrated in America as a way of remembering and honoring those who have died in the line of duty.Sometime during the late Civil War, friends and family started decorating the graves of loved ones that died in battle. Originally, Memorial Day was called Decoration Day. This tradition has continued over time  and other groups have helped to honor all those that have fought in battles. So take a moment during your long weekend of bbq-ing and remember that it is much more than an extra day off, it is taking the time to  REMEMBER those that gave their lives , and to appreciate Service men and women of the past who fought with everything so that we could have the FREEDOM that we have today!Have a SAFE holiday from all of us at REALIST HOMES!

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