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Dec. 1, 2023

248 Marsh Haven Drive, Sneads Ferry, NC 28460 FOR SALE

Listed by: Brigit Clevenger

Realist Homes and Keller Williams Transition (license #C32719)

Office Address: 2017 NC HWY 172 Suite A, Sneads Ferry, NC 28460

For more info, please call our office at (910)-333-2247 or visit our website at!


Description of the home:

Welcome Home! This beautiful three bedroom, two and half bathroom home is located in the charming neighborhood of Marsh Haven, right in the heart of Sneads Ferry. The neighborhood amenities include a playground, a pond, a boat dock connected to Alligator Bay. It is less than 10 minutes from North Topsail Beaches, military bases, and dining. What is not to love? Come see it today before it's gone!


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Nov. 4, 2023

Preparing your home for winter in Coastal North Carolina


 we head into the months that typically mean winter weather, I say this lightly as the seasons can be a bit up or down on the coast, there are some things you can do to make sure your home is ready for freezing temps as they come. 


While our winter is mild compared to the northern states, we see freezing temps periodically and most of the time they come with minimal warning. The focus of what information being shared is in reference to is personal experience of living and owning homes in the area on this map since 2013: the eastern coast of North Carolina. From the SC/NC border up to the VA /NC border would be where this information is most helpful and applicable.


Things we do to ensure the homes ready for winter are below ;


Giving your home a good pressure wash, taking away any algae/mildew that can accumulate on the home during the spring to fall seasons. This can be done yourself, if you have a pressure washer and are comfortable doing 


Side note: For those like me, who do focus on the budget impacts, from years of experience the cost to have it done by a professional isn’t going to cost you much more then buying the equipment and time to do it yourself. Multiple times a year we partner with companies who will offer a bulk rate to pressure wash our clients homes, we do this for our property management division and are always happy to add in our clients homes when they need it. 

•While working on the exterior of your home, clean your gutters- anything that can sit on or around your roof that can freeze/melt etc means it is going to hold moisture in. The best way to avoid unnecessary issues is to keep debris off and away from your roof.

Annually we always advise on getting your roof inspected, especially if your roof is a few years old or if the age is unknown. Being proactive will ensure you avoid leaks/shingle breakage/issues with your roof or the roofs components. We have  a preferred vendor who will do this, we are always happy to refer you to them!! 


•Walk around your home’s exterior, check all windows and doors- are there any gaps around windows, has the caulking worked itself away from the window or siding, can you see light through your home’s doors when closed? If so in order to ensure the homes not getting unwanted drafts or areas that can hold moisture - seal those windows and replace doors weather stripping. 


•One of the things we love most about our area is the greenery and beautiful foliage that not only surrounds us as a whole, but that we also have beautiful yards with plants/bushes/trees that grow in our yards.  In order to keep everything in your yard beautiful year after year, there is annual maintenance to be done. For those with green thumb, well even a partial green thumb and a niche for looking up articles on plants you have- it can be done pretty easily by everyone. For general purposes - trimming bushes/tree branches/plants all back away from the home and following each plants best practices for keeping them healthy if essential. 

Common plants we find in yards across our area and details to how to maintain them can be found in the next blog that is catered to yards/landscaping.


•Cover the exterior water lines and spigot, this will ensure you keep your home’s pipes free from freezing. Most plumbing is within the foundation of homes in our area, if you have a crawlspace some will be there and if your crawlspace is conditioned you should just check to ensure the plumbing is secured/climatized properly. If any pipes are outside of the home, you will want to wrap those. You can purchase a simple styrofoam cover for the spigot, foam coverings for pipes ( tape them on properly )and for those this applies to-ensure if you have a backflow, that it’s protected as well. Helpful tip- if you are putting a cover on the spigot you would be taking the hose off - Don’t forget to disconnect hoses and empty them out!! 

Side note: A backflow is found on homes that have irrigation systems or that are on the island, as well as some that are in communities that border the ICWW. Each home is different and you will want to know if your home has one, it would look like a set of pipes coming up from the ground with a gauge on it( ours is covered with a green box in the corner of our yard). These are also require to be inspected annually, don’t worry if you aren’t sure when to do it… our local water provider ONWASA will send you a notice. 



If your home will be vacant during the winter months, there are key steps to take to winterize it as well- we have seen severe damage to homes empty that are not winterized. We have another blog that is specific to a vacant home as well!! 


When the forecast calls for below freezing temps a few key things to do in addition to the items above. These are all things that while aren’t required or a steadfast rule of doing…. If something can prevent an issue- we do it:

*Open cabinets that have plumbing in them, the purpose is to ensure under the cabinets is the same temp as the home. 

*Always keep your home 68 degrees or higher when it’s freezing outside, this maintains the home’s overall temperature ( for you and the plumbing). 

*Sometimes it is best to allow for faucets to drip, it’s always a good precautionary item and will ease your mind on ensuring the water’s flowing through keeping the pipes from freezing. 


Thanks for taking the time to review rhis information, it will help you ensure your home is winter ready!! The additional  benefit is that your home will also be ready to start the new year when heading into spring with a fresh appearance!!! If you need recommendations on someone to help with any items, our preferred vendors have been vetted over years time and we personally use them. Just ask us for details and check out additional blogs for the following:

Winterizing a vacant home


Keeping your yard in pristine health

Nov. 4, 2023

Keeping your yard and landscaping in pristine health in North Carolina

Eastern North Carolina is known for its beautiful foliage and lush landscaping, which can be maintained year after year with some annual maintanence. 



Types of common plants/trees/bushes found in yards can be found in these amazing links we found:


In these websites you will find plants and be able to identify what may be in your yard… or what you want to have in your yard. You can also find helpful tools on how to maintain them!! Doing these steps will keep your yard and landscaping as beautiful today- as it will be for years to come!! 


Grass, grass, and more grass- what kind do you have and how do you keep in plush?!? That’s always the million dollar question and you can have multiple types in your yard. Find out what you have and how to care for it year round!!


All effort put into your yard is visible and rewarding, your curb appeal counts on you to keep it up❤️


Nov. 4, 2023

Winterizing a vacant home North Carolina

When your home is going to be vacant during months of the year that could bring freezing temps, there are steps you can take to ensure it is protected. 

What does winterizing your home mean? 

It means protecting the home and ensuring it is able to maintain a reasonable temp to avoid pipes freezing or bursting. This is done through a process of emptying the pipes and using antifreeze to maintain them, so they do not freeze. 

  • water heater being winterized
  • Toilets being winterized 
  • Sinks /faucets being winterized 
  • Plumbing being wrapped and secure 
  • Ensure the homes heat is on and maintaining at 68 degrees or above( it can be tricky and we recommend having an electronic thermostat that you can manage on your phone). 
  • Just because your away or the homes empty, it doesn’t mean it has to appear to be that way. 

The process is something we recommend you having a professional do and that you know what it means when plumbing is winterized. This is a process used when the home will be vacant for a period of time where no one is using the home’s plumbing!! 


Helpful articles on winterizing while away:,other%20home%20and%20property%20issues.




We have a wonderful vendor who can winterize your home for you, just let us know if you need us to refer you to them!! 


Sept. 27, 2023

395 High Ridge Court, Sneads Ferry, NC 28460



Office Address: 2017 NC HWY 172 Suite A, Sneads Ferry, NC 28460

For more info please call our office at (910)-333-2247 or visit our website at


Description of this home:

NOW AVAILABLE!! This amazing 3 bedrooms/2.5 bath home offers the privacy and location you have been searching for!! Come inside to find the open main living area, complete with a guest bath and that flows into the dine in kitchen offering ample cabinetry/bar top seating/pantry/access to the garage. Head upstairs to find two perfectly sized guest bedrooms, a full bath, and the owners retreat with a full ensuite bathroom. Lastly head out to the spacious fenced in backyard, that allows for the perfect place to enjoy the coastal breeze, sunsets, barbecues, and entertaining. This home is 5 minutes to Camp Lejeune, Stone Bay, MARSOC, dining, shopping, and less than 10 minutes to the stunning white sandy beaches of Topsail Island!!


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Aug. 12, 2023

117 Emerson Lane , Sneads Ferry, NC 28460 FOR SALE Realist Homes

JUST LISTED : 117  Emerson Lane ,  Sneads Ferry, NC 28460

FOR SALE $399,000

brought to you by Realist Homes at Keller Williams Transition 

Welcome to your dream home just moments away from the breathtaking shores of Topsail Island. This nearly new, impeccable 3-bedroom, 2-full bathroom gem with a spacious 2-car garage is a true testament to quality and comfort. Nestled in the highly desired subdivision of The Landing at Mill Creek in the lovely town of Sneads Ferry, this home offers the perfect blend of tranquility and convenience, making it an absolute must-see for homebuyers. As you enter the front door, experience the spaciousness and versatility of three beautifully appointed bedrooms, each providing a peaceful retreat for you and your loved ones. Whether you're creating a cozy guest haven or a stylish home office, the possibilities are endless. Both full bathrooms will allow for you to indulge in the epitome of relaxation with modern fixtures and a soothing color palette. Don't forget to delight your inner chef in the modern kitchen which includes stainless steel appliances, sleek countertops, and ample storage. Cooking and entertaining are a breeze in this stylish culinary haven. As you step outback, embrace the coastal lifestyle by relaxing in your own outdoor haven. Don't miss your chance to own a slic

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July 16, 2023

Hard water on windows and how we personally do it

 We may be the pros at selling homes- but we are always great at maintaining them!!Check out the steps that we use to remove that tough layer of hard water/salt spray that can accumulate on windows when living on the coast!! This is from a home that is on the sound side, not ocean front - but it would work perfectly for those as well( just do a bit more frequently).


Steps :

1: Get your roll of paper towels, windex, and a paint scrapper 

link to the scrapper I used:


2. Clean your window with paper towels and windex, this removes dirt/items that can get stuck on the blade. You will avoid scrapping your window!! DO NOT SKIP THIS

3 spray the window down again, make sure it’s covered in the windex.

Now start on a top corner and go down, even motions top to bottom. Clean off the blade in between with a paper towel, do strokes that ensure nothing is missed!!


before you do it the window may look like this … in the summer time 

It will look like this after!!!

Normal maintanence will help prevent the amount of residue that sticks to windows, but you will undoubtedly end up with residue that remains. This simple process keeps those windows crystal clear❤️


You can also find this on our Pinterest board: like our page and keep up with all sorts of real estate related topics









July 10, 2023

July 2023 Onslow County housing market review


check out our video review of the market!!!!

June 8, 2023

202 Salty Dog Lane, Sneads Ferry, NC 28460

Listed By: Brigit Clevenger 

Realist Homes and Keller Williams Transition [license #C32719]

Office Address: 2017 NC HWY 172 Suite A, Sneads Ferry, NC 28460

Check out our website at or give our office a cll at (910)-333-2247 for more info! 


Description of property:

WELCOME HOME!!!! This 4 bedroom/2.5 bath/2 car garage home is ready for you to move right in! Step inside by passing through the rocking chairs on the front porch and enter into the 2 story foyer - that provides access to the formal dining room, stairs leading to the second floor, the open main living area, half bath, the door to the garage, and multiple storage options. Walk straight into the main living area that you will simply fall in love with, it has a spacious kitchen with granite countertops, an ample amount of cabinetry, stainless appliances, a bar top for additional seating, a great pantry, and an eat in dining space!!! This is open to flow right over into the lovely living room with tons of natural light and has a cozy fireplace. You can also head out to the covered back patio, that’s fully fenced and setup for relaxation or entertaining. Head upstairs to find 3 wonderfully sized guest bedrooms, a guest full bath, and the expansive primary suite!! The primary suite is complete with a 5 piece suite bathroom and a large walk in closet. After completing the house tour you can go right outside to see how close the community pool is- just a short walk away! You will not only love the home itself, but you will also love the location of it being about a 12 minute drive to the back gate at Camp Lejeune, 12 minutes to the stunning beaches of North Topsail, 5 minutes to local shops, and dining!


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April 28, 2023


It is the time of year to get your home maintenance done!!! Before the summer hits and life can be busy busy- some of the biggest items to tackle right now are provided in an easy to use checklist with recommended companies below:


Spring Items for your home, provided by your trusted local real estate team at Realist Homes @Keller Williams Transition:

  • Have your home pressure washed  
  • Have your Hvac serviced, not only does it save you on your utility bills, this also prevents unnecessary repairs and issues that can pop up. 
  • Clean out gutters 
  • Fertilize your yard and cut back tree limbs /bushes from your home
  • Schedule your quarterly bug spray done ( best to stay ahead and do this each quarter)!! AND WHILE YOUR AT IT- Make sure your annual termite inspection is scheduled , don’t let the policy lapse.
  • Schedule an inspection of your roof and ensure nothing has caused any damage over the last year, prep for this coming hurricane season. 
  • Do a review of your insurance policies, did your cost increase last year? Get a quote from a local expert!!
  • And since this is what we specialize in, if you’re thinking about selling your home or renting it out. Give us a call and we can provide all information for both options🥰


The special hashtag means we work with these companies year after year- including on our own homes: 

Below are our trusted recommendations for the services listed and more, let them know we sent you there way


Matt Carter with Farm Bureau (910) 326-8701


Maven Roofing (910) 915-9172

NC Comfort Systems (910) 938-2348

Most commonly used pest companies: 

Jones Pest Control 

Mays Exterminating

Modern Exterminating 

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