Eastern North Carolina is known for its beautiful foliage and lush landscaping, which can be maintained year after year with some annual maintanence. 



Types of common plants/trees/bushes found in yards can be found in these amazing links we found:








In these websites you will find plants and be able to identify what may be in your yard… or what you want to have in your yard. You can also find helpful tools on how to maintain them!! Doing these steps will keep your yard and landscaping as beautiful today- as it will be for years to come!! 


Grass, grass, and more grass- what kind do you have and how do you keep in plush?!? That’s always the million dollar question and you can have multiple types in your yard. Find out what you have and how to care for it year round!!




All effort put into your yard is visible and rewarding, your curb appeal counts on you to keep it up❤️