When your home is going to be vacant during months of the year that could bring freezing temps, there are steps you can take to ensure it is protected. 

What does winterizing your home mean? 

It means protecting the home and ensuring it is able to maintain a reasonable temp to avoid pipes freezing or bursting. This is done through a process of emptying the pipes and using antifreeze to maintain them, so they do not freeze. 

  • water heater being winterized
  • Toilets being winterized 
  • Sinks /faucets being winterized 
  • Plumbing being wrapped and secure 
  • Ensure the homes heat is on and maintaining at 68 degrees or above( it can be tricky and we recommend having an electronic thermostat that you can manage on your phone). 
  • Just because your away or the homes empty, it doesn’t mean it has to appear to be that way. 

The process is something we recommend you having a professional do and that you know what it means when plumbing is winterized. This is a process used when the home will be vacant for a period of time where no one is using the home’s plumbing!! 


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We have a wonderful vendor who can winterize your home for you, just let us know if you need us to refer you to them!!