It is the time of year to get your home maintenance done!!! Before the summer hits and life can be busy busy- some of the biggest items to tackle right now are provided in an easy to use checklist with recommended companies below:


Spring Items for your home, provided by your trusted local real estate team at Realist Homes @Keller Williams Transition:

  • Have your home pressure washed  
  • Have your Hvac serviced, not only does it save you on your utility bills, this also prevents unnecessary repairs and issues that can pop up. 
  • Clean out gutters 
  • Fertilize your yard and cut back tree limbs /bushes from your home
  • Schedule your quarterly bug spray done ( best to stay ahead and do this each quarter)!! AND WHILE YOUR AT IT- Make sure your annual termite inspection is scheduled , don’t let the policy lapse.
  • Schedule an inspection of your roof and ensure nothing has caused any damage over the last year, prep for this coming hurricane season. 
  • Do a review of your insurance policies, did your cost increase last year? Get a quote from a local expert!!
  • And since this is what we specialize in, if you’re thinking about selling your home or renting it out. Give us a call and we can provide all information for both options🥰


The special hashtag means we work with these companies year after year- including on our own homes: 

Below are our trusted recommendations for the services listed and more, let them know we sent you there way


Matt Carter with Farm Bureau (910) 326-8701


Maven Roofing (910) 915-9172

NC Comfort Systems (910) 938-2348

Most commonly used pest companies: 

Jones Pest Control 

Mays Exterminating

Modern Exterminating