My newest obsession is food trucks! Have you been to any of these amazing little restaurants on wheels? They are popping up everywhere! This past weekend  our area had a food truck "rodeo" ,where a bunch of food trucks gather and you can try all kinds of different foods, from appetizers to desserts and anything and everything in between.There are food trucks that specialize in breakfasts and brunch, foods that i have not tried (yet), but what a perfect opportunity to share a small amount to see if you like, to all out seafood dinners. There are even food truck battles over the best BBQ!They are also an opportunity for people to start new restaurants, or restaurants to get word out to bring people to their restaurants. I have been wanting to try quite a few of them (Arepas, anyone?)  Where have you found your favorite food truck?  A concert venue? A park? The beach? What did you have? We would love to hear about these places and be able to share tried and true word of mouth places that you recommend! Loving the Locals!