Most folks know that the Venus flytrap is a carnivorous plant that “eats” it’s prey – mostly spiders and insects. but did you know that this is the only place in the world where they grow?The Venus flytrap is found in nitrogen- and phosphorus-poor environments, such as bogs and wet savannahs. Small and slow-growing, the Venus flytrap tolerates fire well, and depends on periodic burning to suppress its competition.Although it has been successfully transplanted and grown in many locales around the world, it is native only to the coastal bogs of North and South Carolina in the United States, specifically within a 60-mile radius of Wilmington, North Carolina!!Venus Flytrap plants will live for 20 to 30 years if cultivated in the right conditions.

The 8th annual Flytrap Frolic is this weekend, and its free of charge! Want to learn more about this carnivorous plant?

The Stanley Rehder Carnivorous Garden will be having a  Flytrap Frolic.

The Flytrap Frolic is a free family friendly environmental education event,  featuring native carnivorous plants that thrive in southeastern NC.

Activities include:a plant identification scavenger hunt,flytrap-themed crafts, feely-box exploration, and live animal exhibits.Participants will have a chance to tour the garden and learn about the special wetlands that are home to these amazing, local carnivorous plants.

Stanley Rehder Carnivorous Plant Garden at Piney Ridge Nature Preserve - Wilmington

3800 Canterbury Rd.Wilmington , NC 28403